Royal Horticultural Society ~ Hunter Boots

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Sapadilla Dish Soap

Sapadilla Eco CleanersSapadilla’s products are the nicest little eco-cleaners on the planet. Made with high quality ingredients, fresh blends of pure essential oils, and beautiful, simple design, Sapadilla makes cleaning darn near enjoyable.

These lovely liquids are genuinely earth-friendly, naturally effective, kind to your skin […]

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The Spice & Tea Exchange

Our new evening ritual this winter is a kettle of hot tea. While visiting Portland we picked up an assortment of loose leaf teas from The Spice & Tea Exchange.  Currently our favorite is a caffeine free herbal tea called, Chamomile Twist. A cup […]

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Whidbey Island Soap Company

The Whidbey Island Soap Company creates the most magical Shea Intensive Body Butter that is an incredibly nourishing and moisturizing. We always pick up a jar infused with French Lavender while on Whidbey Island or Pike Place Market.

Photo Courtesy of Whidbey […]

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Arise Skincare ~

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen a beautiful difference in my skin using the EcoCert certified, Swiss made, Arise Skin Care.  This fabulous line was brought to the US by the Snow Flower Luxury Skincare group after an exhaustive search for the perfect all natural solution for aging.  Every product in this anti-aging […]

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In Gratitude ~ Jewelry for a Cause

As you all know there are few things we love more than fabulous, sustainable fashion for an even more amazing cause.  We recently stumbled across the In Gratitude necklaces and knew we had to have these handmade beads.  Each necklace is made from barkcloth beads and that are then hand wrapped with recycled newspaper.  They […]

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Local 360 ~ Seattle, WA

 For all you locavores we have the place for you. Local 360 is a fabulous spot in the heart of Belltown in downtown Seattle serving sustainable, delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today I picked up takeout of their scrumptious BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich […]

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Oysters ~ Hood Canal, WA

20120527-171024.jpg We don’t think there is anything more delicious than the seafood we sustainably harvest at our beach house. Hood Canal’s waters are rich in oysters, clams, shrimp, gooey duck, salmon, Dungeness crabs as well as many more delectable nourishing foods. At the height of low tide we walk […]

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Weed Remover ~ Fiskars

We are elated to have found the perfect weed remover for our yard. The Fiskars Weed Remover makes it so easy to pull weeds from the lawn  without the use of harmful and toxic pesticides. The stainless steel claws do an amazing job of pulling the entire plant with the root to make sure they […]

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Brilliance Heard at Living Future 2012

The Living Future Conference was not lacking in the attendance of brilliant leaders and speakers sharing their stories in work, life, and the living world.  Men and women flocked from cities around the world to Portland, OR to come together for an array of reasons […]

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