Won’t Back Down ~ Sep. 28th

We cannot wait to see this movie.  Whether you believe in public or private schools, unions or non-unions, we all know that our education system could use an overhaul and some new sparks.  We are happy that kids are being put first and their right to a quality education no matter what neighborhood they live in.  Maybe […]

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Free For All ~ Jane Poppendieck

Free For All, published in 2011 by Jane Poppendieck, is a must-read about what is happening with the nutrition or lack thereof in our school systems.   

A Ring to Educate a Child in Haiti ~ Vhernier

We think the world of this exquisite ring made for the children in Haiti by the Italian fine jeweler, Vhernier.  The limited edition ring supports efforts to educate the children of St. Luc Street Schools and the Academy for Peace and Justice in Haiti. Each ring sold will provide […]

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Waiting for “Superman”

Waiting for “Superman” is a must see documentary on the facts of our education system.  Every parent, aunt, uncle, and grandparent, and politician needs to take action against the politics that play into our children getting a quality education. If you  cannot reserve at your local […]

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